Super-charge your coaching skills and make training sessions a lot more fun for you and your players with 10 Proven Tips for a More Successful Season.
It contains the most useful ideas, tactics and advice that I’ve learnt from over 20 years of coaching youth teams.
And it’s yours today absolutely FREE!
My name is David Clarke. I am an English FA Level 2 coach with 15 years’ experience coaching junior and under 18s soccer teams. I’m no José Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson, but I have won my fair share of leagues and trophies at all levels of junior soccer.
I’ve been lucky enough to work with Premier League academy coach Mike Beale and the legendary Tony Carr of the West Ham Academy (he’s helped the likes of Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole come through the ranks, to name but a few!). Learning from the best has helped me enormously – and I know it can help you too.
I’ve condensed all the most useful coaching ideas and advice I’ve learned as a youth coach in
10 Proven Tips for a More Successful Season.
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  10 Proven Tips for a More Successful Season contains the following 10 chapters:
EhAWhmihhv1d-IRXKmh77dJqzoAKq_7GkVtCq-XvnW0sMXACHU5Bty1cyQrsAj2wduqWC4RY2E6pbgkoWHQVGENv5_w4fylxKQWeHcbcYYchI7hb=s0-d 10 PROVEN TIPS FOR A MORE SUCCESSFUL SEASON.
  • Make Sure Your Players Are Listening
  • Plan Your Sessions and Make Them Fun
  • Teach the Basics First: Shielding the Ball
  • Use Small Sided Games in Training
  • Invest Time in All Your Players
  • Reward Your Players
  • Make a Difference on Match Days
  • Make Every Second Count at Half Time
  • Run Your Team on the Right Fuel
  • 30 Minute Warm-Up
I have no doubt that my 10 Proven Tips for a More Successful Season will make training sessions exciting, motivate players, and improve your team’s performance.
Plus, as a special addition, I have two more exclusive FREE reports to send to you when you joinBetter Soccer Coaching :
  • 11 Secrets of Successful Corners – details subtle ways in which you can improve this vital area of your team’s game.
  • An Introduction to Small-Sided Games – gives you four fun and fast games to improve players’ core skills.
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