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The future of soccer lives in the Super Y-League, a professionalized system that is the first step for developing youth soccer players in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer and partnered with US Club Soccer, the league is designed for talented youth players destined for professional or international careers. Through Olympic Development (ODP) status programs and events such as the North American Finals and National ODP Camps, the nation’s top players are selected for US National Team Programs. The league is made up of a series of regional leagues within the framework of a North American league containing the top clubs and players from the United States and Canada.
A LITTLE HISTORY:USL Super Y-League History:
  • 1999 League was created with 12 teams in partnership with USYS as the final piece to the USL structure. USYS partnership ends shortly and SYL becomes USSF Member.
  • 2000 League increases attention and begins growth. At the end of 2001, more USL teams develop youth academies and league nears 350 teams from U14-U19 boys and girls.
  • 2001 League gains more recognition when DC United announced their youth plans and involvement in the SYL. Later MLS’s MetroStars join the SYL ranks.
  • 2002 League granted ODP programs from US Soccer for NT identification. League partners with US Club Soccer.
  • 2003 League maintains growth and expands more into Canada.
  • 2004 League expands season to more games and championships in November to model more of the professional schedule. Nearly 650 teams compete for the league title in most successful season to date.
  • 2005 Nearly 780 teams compete for league title. League now becomes a major force for competition in the US and Canada and ODP system becomes a focal point for clubs, coaches and players.
  • 2011 – Atlanta Fire United SA qualifies 4 teams for the 2011 Super Y League National Championships hosted in Tampa, FL.
  • 2011 – The Atlanta Fire United SA U13 Girls are crowned 2011 Super Y League National Champions.
  • 2011 – Atlanta Fire United SA ranked 6th in the national among all Super Y affiliated clubs.
The regular season will consist of 10-12 matches depending on the playing division and age group. The total point leader within the division will culminate the season with the Super Y-League North American Finals, which will consist of a minimum four games.
Season Dates (our season will begin in late May):
The regular season will be from May through August. We will avoid most major events such as State Cup, ODP camps etc. The Super Y-League North American Finals will be held in November in Tampa, FL.
What does the Super Y-League mean to player development?
This is all about what’s called “professionalizing” player development in the United States and Canada when it comes to the top-level youth players. It is about allowing the cream to rise to the top, thereby simplifying the process of identifying elite level players. It is about playing top-level soccer 12 months a year, with the spotlight on young players during the Super Y-League season. The focus is less than one percent of all youth players in the U.S. and Canada.
What makes the Super Y-League different from what national youth governing associations, such as US Youth Soccer, are already providing on the local or regional level? 
The Super Y-League has teams that are much broader in geographical scope, and because of that, they play at a higher level. Even the current number of super leagues in the country is localized in terms of their members. The Super Y-League is organized on a divisional level, to include only the top teams within a limited geographical area.
Again, we would like to reiterate that the Super Y-League is designed specifically for the elite level player, a player that competes in a club that wants the extra five to ten percent that they can only get in the Super Y-League. Hence, the expanded roster sizes, no recruiting restrictions, and the club pass system. This will not be available within other national youth associations such as US Youth Soccer. Their programs are focused on the majority, i.e. recreational soccer, instead of the elite level player.
The Super Y-League ODP Philosophy: 
To identify players for U.S. National Team Programs, within their natural environment during competition on their club team during the Super Y-League season.Purpose:The Super Y-League ODP system began in 2003 to identify a pool of players in each age group of the league for identification to U.S. National Team Programs; and to utilize the clubs system in the United States to identify players.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Super Y-League ODP system?1. Selection of players within the natural environment on their club teams within league play, as opposed to an open try-out system. Many players do not participate in the open-tryout ODP system operated by state associations. Some players do not react or perform well in an open tryout process.
2. Exposure to U.S. National Staff and Team Coaches.
3. Exposure to professional and collegiate scouts.
4. No cost to be scouted. The scouting system is built into league play and contains no ODP fees, other than those selected to the ODP Select Camps in January and February.

For more information on the Super Y League please visit www.superyleague.com

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