2017 International Soccer Tours

With our Official Tour Provider, Global Image Sports, we are excited to release this year’s Youth & Adult International Soccer Tour offerings! The GIS Select Youth and Adult Soccer trips were created to offer new opportunities for players to travel abroad to professional football clubs, experience the high level training at their facilities, visit new cities, and play friendly gamesagainst opposition teams.2017-GLOBAL-IMAGE-SPORTS-TOURS 2017 GLOBAL IMAGE SPORTS TOURS

Youth International Tours
The aim of the GIS Select Youth Trips is to create travel teams of 22 players from Georgia Soccer clubs. The GIS select trips are open to all GIS and Georgia Soccer members. This year there will be 6 unique Youth Trip opportunities for boys and girls groups:

GIS Select Italy (03-05 G) click hereAdult International Tours
The adult soccer tours have been added this year and are aimed at reaching primarily the veteran player who enjoys travel vacations that focus around the soccer experience, including games, VIP access and sightseeing. There are three 2017 Adult Trip offerings:

For more info on youth select trips contact Aldo Marinelli at aldo@globalimagesports.com. For adult soccer tours contact Nick Bogle at nickb@globalimagesports.com


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