ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Seven medical professionals were indicted for the crime of simple homicide for negligence that leads to the death of legendary Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona.
The prosecutor’s office in San Isidro, Argentina, charged Leopoldo Luque, the neurosurgeon who performed a successful brain operation on Maradona, and psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, who treated the former Napoli star, two nurses, a nurse coordinator, a doctor, and a psychologist for the death of Maradona, 60 on Nov. 25, 2020, due to heart failure, two weeks after undergoing brain surgery.
To know the liability of the seven accused, the prosecutors’ office appointed a medical board to determine if there was evidence of culpable homicide from Maradona’s medical team.
Based on their investigation, the medical board revealed the medical team who attended Maradona before his death acted in an “inappropriate, deficient and reckless manner” and left him “to his own devices.”
On the autopsy conducted on Maradona’s body, the soccer legend died in his sleep of acute pulmonary edema, a buildup of fluid in the lungs, because of congestive heart failure.
The toxicology report detected no alcohol or illegal substances, but psychotropic drugs used to treat anxiety and depression were present.
In media interviews, both Luque and Cosachov denied wrongdoing on Maradona’s death.
The two and the other accused can formally deny the charges in court on May 31.

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