Attention Soccer

As reigning champion of last 2 seasons of predicting the EPL scores  Atlanta Soccer News local predict the score contest, I would like to invite you to play in this years league.

  • Here the deal: You pick the scores of each EPL game for each week. You pick the top 5 scorers for that week. You earn points.
  • Time: takes 5 minutes a week. ( It takes me less time because I am a soccer sage and a top prognosticator)
  • Extras: We will have weekly playing/drinking/discussion  events at fields and strategically located pubs. Mostly in Cobb/Fulton County. Weekly winners will be honored and will earn a beer.
  • Cost: FREE
  • All you need to do to join your league is:
    1. Register at
    2. Log in
    3. Select ‘Mini Leagues’ from the ‘My Account’ menu
    4. Enter the code below

    Mini League Name:

    Access Code: 110954220

Atlanta Soccer News

Winner will be honored at an all-expenses paid  party dedicated to his triumph…a trophy and a cool shirt. Best of all you will be recognized as the supreme soccer sage in Atlanta for that year.

As the supreme soccer sage in Atlanta, I would like to extend a challenge to you to try to best me. I have now proven that I am the best EPL prognosticator  in the Atlanta Area and would welcome all who dare to step up and take on the KING( That’s me).  If you are fearful but know of someone else who make want to accept my challenge, please forward this letter.

This is a picture of me accepting this years glorious trophy  at my crowning ceremony.

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