ATLANTA, GEORGIA—It would not be a big surprise if Atlanta United FC fullback Brooks Lennon would play well on Sunday when his team host the Philadelphia Union at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
This scenario emerges after it was learned that Lennon is feeling inspired these days after he unexpectedly meets his Olympic swimming idol American swimming superstar Michael Phelps.
Lennon accidentally met Phelps at a pool in Arizona.
The United fullback told the media that he was doing some cross-training near his home in Arizona to try to stay in shape when he met Phelps, winner of 23 gold medals and 28 medals overall in Olympic swimming events, at the pool.
The MLS player said he is very happy to meet Phelps and grab the chance to talk to him about soccer-like the U.S. 3-2 win against Mexico, the night before.
He said Phelps was very nice to him and even gave him some tips on his stroke and his flip turn at the wall.
“He’s a guy I look up to in a different way,” Lennon said.
“The amount of competitiveness and determination and focus and things he did during his career that made him the best, I look up to him,” Lennon added.