ATLANTA, GEORGIA—The current male president of FC Barcelona believes it would not be a surprise if the next president of the La Liga soccer club in the next 10 years will be a woman.
Barcelona’s Joan Laporta said women these days are getting more involved with football and soon one of them could take over his role within 10 years.
“Barcelona will have a female president within 10 years,” Laporta said.
“It is long overdue that women are given the recognition they deserve and have earned,” Laporta added.
At the moment three women are holding vital positions in the Barca front office.
Teresa Basilio, Marta Plana, and Maria Teixidor were all given roles by the previous president Josep Maria Bartomeu, while Elena Fort is operating as one of Laporta’s vice presidents.
“Elena’s prepared to be Barca president because she has all the qualities you need for the job,” Laporta added
Sources reveal that Barca are one of the leading clubs in Europe when it comes to investing in women’s football and they were rewarded for their investment by winning the Treble last season, including a first-ever Champions League trophy.