Written by drefooty on December 12, 2011 in ADASLAmateur 
Majestic kept their title hopes alive Sunday by defeating league leading G Tech FC 2 – 0 at SPSU. Abrace by Doug Eckhardt was enough to grab all 3 points on the day. In other results, Melchester Wings takes advantage of the Tech loss to go top of the table after defeating the under performing AC Silverbacks squad by the score of 6-0. Sting Gold did not take advantage of the Tech loss when they loss to Wings Select by the surprising score of 4-0 dropping them back down below Majestic into 5th place. FC Ljiljan also failed to take full advantage of the Tech loss when they dropped points to FC Brookhaven a draw, 1-1. Inkhead.com got back to winning ways with a comprehensive victory over the struggling Pelicans FC Blue squad by the score of 6-0.

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