CASL/YMCA Would like to congratulate all our winners
from the League Champions 1st Round
and wish all our teams moving forward into the 2nd round
Good Luck this Sunday June 8th
Div Home Away
MO30 4 Vintage Villains Over Fury 3
MO30 3 Olde Celtic FC Over Raiders 0
MO30 5 Rovers FC Gold Over KOP 2
MO30 3 Atlanta Ravens Over Atlanta Hawks 0
MO40 11 America Over Fire 2
MO40 7 Legends United Over Stimulus Package 1
MO40 9 Ohana FC Kekoa Over Express FC Masters 0
MOC 4 Ohana FC Pili Kai Over Clockwork Orange 0
MOC 3 Los Gringos Over FC Cobb United 0
MOC 4 Rovers FC Blue Over Rovers FC Black 0
MOC 5 International Over West Side C+ 1
MOC 2 Santos FC Over Rowdies 1
MOR 4 Jamhuri FC Over RFC Orange 2
MOR 8 Express FC Locomotive Over FC Nine 2
MOR 2 Avalanche Over Galaxy 0
MOR 7 Cosmos Over The Bridge 0
MOR 3 Fulham X Over Witch Doctors 2
MOR 9 Synergy Over Sand Huskies 0
MOR 4 Rogue Lions Over Classic Kennesaw FC 1


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