It doesn`t matter if you`re an experienced gambler or a complete novice, the one thing that unites every member of the betting fraternity is the quest for new tips and systems. While there may be no such thing as a risk free bet, there are a number of things you can do in order to turn those odds in your favor. In the first instance, most gamblers would advise that you shouldn`t pay for any tips because there are many that you can access for free. Alternatively, for the small price of a daily newspaper, you can look at some expert advice from their betting columnists on the sports pages. Over time, you can monitor each of these pundits and decide for yourself which of them is generally more successful. For anyone starting out with soccer / football betting, this is probably the best tip you can take on board. Beyond this simple but effective way of looking for tips, you can also do your own research with regard to any soccer teams or individual players. Thanks to the rise of the internet there is now a whole host of sources that can turn up all the facts you could possibly want ahead of placing a bet. You can look at latest form for a side going back as far as you want and if you`re betting on one specific fixture, you can check on how the two clubs have fared against each other in the past. Player statistics are wide and varied too and that can only be a good thing when you consider the extensive range of betting markets on offer today. You can now gamble on such things as whether a player will score with his head or whether he will be booked or sent off in a game. The facts relating to these and many other bets can now be fully researched just with a few clicks of your computer mouse. Away from research, some gamblers like to factor in mathematical probability when they`re placing a bet on any soccer match. Even some professional punters use this to try to turn a regular profit over the course of a soccer season. One way to do this is to take two of the dominant teams in any league. They could be Manchester United and Manchester City in England or Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, for example. The strategy works by betting on all of these teams to win their individual fixtures on any soccer weekend and because they are generally stronger than their opponents, the likelihood is that your bet comes in. If, however, you lose the gamble, you simply double your stake the following week and collect when your team does win. If the two sides in question are playing each other there is no bet and the theory is that they will win enough of their games over a course of a season for you to collect a handsome profit at the end of a campaign. There are other examples of probability systems and you may like to follow them or you might prefer good old-fashioned research. Whatever you decide, remember that betting in moderation can increase the excitement when you watch live football, so place your bets and enjoy the action.