ATLANTA, GEORGIA—The female players of the Afghanistan soccer team are now in hiding after the Islamic group Taliban has taken control back of their country.
Khalida Popal, an official of the Afghanistan soccer team revealed she advised her players to hide now that the Taliban is already back in power.
Aside from hiding, Popal said she also told them to take down their social media handles to avoid reprisals from the Taliban.
“I have been encouraging to take down social media channels, take down photos, escape and hide,” Popal said.
“That breaks my heart because of all these years we have worked to raise the visibility of women and now I’m telling my women in Afghanistan to shut up and disappear. Their lives are in danger,” Popal added.
Popal said like the Afghan women soccer players she is also receiving death threats because of her desire to uplift the sport of soccer in her native land.
It was learned that playing any kind of sports is prohibited under Taliban rule since it is reportedly not part of the Islamic laws that the group is following.

By bob

A veteran soccer journalist who is an avid fan of Atlanta United and Lionel Messi.