AFU sends 10 Players to Market Training Center
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The US Soccer Federation held an identification camp on Saturday with 4 other clubs form the Southeast Division, Concorde Fire, AFC Lightning, Sout Carolina United, and Birmingham United. Players were selected via recent visits to regular season games by Federation scouts. Five players were selected from AFU’s u-16 team, they were:Jackson Taylor – GoalkeeperRoberto Hinojosa – midfielderJuan Herrera – midfielder/defennderChris Harrison – forwardJeremy Rector – forwardAnd five players were selected from the u-18 team:Brady O’Brien – defenderAlec Kronitz – defenderRyan King – midfielderTaylor Krek – midfielderLuke Ade – forwardThe players did some light technical work in the beginning of the session and then broke up into two groups and went through some tactical pattern play. The camp ended with a full 11 v11 game of 25 minute halves where players were closely evaluated. The federation will be holding two more Market Training Centers in the Atlanta area one in the winter and one in the spring.

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