Alan Vaughan and the Big Chicken Beatles rocked Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County


Alan%2BVaughan%2BCultural%2BArts%2BCouncil%2Bof%2BDouglasville%2BCounty ALAN VAUGHAN AND THE BIG CHICKEN BEATLES ROCKED CULTURAL ARTS COUNCIL OF DOUGLASVILLE/DOUGLAS COUNTYSince 1986, the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County has offered high quality cultural events and arts activities in our community. Our mission is to nurture, guide and stimulate the enjoyment of and participation in the arts among residents of and visitors to Douglas County. Celebrating 25 years of service, the CAC presents a sophisticated and diverse mix of all kinds of programs – critically acclaimed monthly exhibits at the Arts Center and special shows at the American Red Cross, free outdoor concerts on O’Neal Plaza and classical chamber concerts at the Arts Center, arts education in schools, hands-on workshops and classes for children and adults, gallery talks, a new literary festival, book signings and readings, and even the annual Georgia Cowboy Poets Gathering and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

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The Big Chicken Beatles Band is the momentous merging of two of the most iconic brands around in an effort to help you Google us! Yes, it is dedicated to playing the music of the Beatles authentically, tastefully, and with an understanding of its essence that can only be gotten from having actually lived it as each successive amazing single and album was released.
Whether you are googling the Big Chicken to learn about Marietta, Georgia’s fabulous landmark (often compared to the Great Pyramid of Giza, though in a rather more poultry-related way), or if you are searching on the Fab Four – you are likely to land on one of the best, most accessible and entertaining Beatles tribute bands in the Southeastern US!
Formed in 2008 by Beatles fan and musician Alan Vaughan from the UK, its membership includes top musicians Andrew Doss (keys, vocals), Lyle Bufkin (bass, vocals), and Jim “Ringo” Miller (drums, duh).
Alan has been following the Beatles since he was a preteen near London in the 60s. In fact – how many of us can say we happened to be crossing the square outside Apple Studios on a brisk January day in 1969 on the way to the orthodontist in Harley Street with mum and sister, when muddy musical tones began to echo against all the walls and everyone was looking up (not seeing anything, they were on the roof, duh) as the Beatles performed together for the very last time in public? Not many, I’ll wager…
Ah, the flavour and feel of the times…it was remarkable, and never will be repeated, for we as a society and world have moved on past a single pop radio station everyone listens to and the innocent joy of bopping to clever tunes.
But you CAN experience that essence, fleetingly and in precious time capsule-like doses – whenever you attend a performance by the Big Chicken Beatles Band! The BCBB plays in the Atlanta area and in fact anywhere it makes sense to travel to, so go ahead and keep that hope alive – we may help you Get Back to help us all Come Together as we trek that Long and Winding Road. With a Little Help From Your Friends you’ll share A Day In The Life.
All You Need Is Love…

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