Ga Tech Remains At The Top Of ADASL

In our focus match of the week, Georgia Tech FC defeated 10-man Pelicans FC Blue by the score of 8 – 2 at Atlanta Christian College Field to stay top of Division 1. A host of Tech scorers, including hat-trick hero Josh Bienenfeld, dominated play and contributed to the victory. A big talking point of the match was a red card for a Pelican’s player about 5 minutes of the contest for a foul challenge on a Tech forward which change the competitiveness of the game.

The loss keeps Pelicans down in the relegation places in this early part of the season. Joining Pelicans in the relegation zone is the unlikely image of AC Silverbacks who again were unable to field a team for the 2nd week in a row in their forfeit to FC Ljiljan. AC now is in danger of penalties from the league for their inability to compete according to the rules of the league. AFN will keep an eye on the situation and report on it here on our website.
In other action in Division One, Melchester Wings dismantled by the score of 6 – 0 as Inkhead now continue a terrible slump that finds them flirting uncomfortably down near the relegation places which is something most would not have believe after the great early start they had in the league. Melchester remain close on the heels of G Tech FC in 2nd place arguably playing the best football in the league at the moment.
In another shocker on the day, Wings Select kept a clean sheet on their way to defeating the defending champions winning away to Majestic by the score of 2 – 0. Though very early in the season, there must be some concern from the majestic management that the results are not coming at the moment and a reversal of results will need to start happening if they hope to successfully defend their double championship.
In our final review of the day in D1, Sting Gold are bubbling up the D1 table with a good 3 – 1 win against FC Brookhaven at Georgia Soccer Park. Though some of the results from Sting have not been favorable, their overall play has been successful and Sting will probably be heard from in the title race when all is said and done. FC Brookhaven have been strong coming into the the top flight, but today did not have enough against a composed and experienced Sting Gold team. Check the full results and league table below.

Other Division One Results

Melchester 6 0
Pelicans FC Blue 2 8 G Tech FC
FC Brookhaven 1 3 Sting Gold
Majestic 0 2 Wings Select
FC Ljiljan 1 0 AC Silverbacks

League Table

1 Georgia Tech FC 7 6 1 0 19 28 11 +17
2 Melchester Wings 7 6 0 1 18 21 4 +17
3 FC Ljiljan 7 5 0 2 15 23 13 +10
4 Majestic 7 3 2 2 11 25 12 +13
5 Sting Gold 7 3 1 3 10 18 14 +4
6 FC Brookhaven 7 2 1 4 7 13 18 -5
7 7 2 1 4 7 17 23 -6
8 Wings Select 7 2 1 4 7 7 17 -10
9 AC Silverbacks 7 1 1 5 4 9 22 -13
10 Pelicans FC blue 7 1 0 6 3 13 40 -27