If you are struggling for ideas in training then my selection of free drills, which include many from established Premier Academy League coaches, will help give your players fresh impetus and ultimately improve results.

I am an English FA Level 2 coach with 15 years’ experience in grassroots soccer and I am all too aware of the importance of keeping my players’ motivation levels up in training.

100s of inspiring soccer drills for all coaching levels and ages of players

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Advice from Academy Premier League coaches

Get fresh ideas from my coaching buddies like Keith Boanas, a UEFA A-licensed coach, Premier Academy League coach Mike Beale, and Tony Carr, director of the West Ham Academy.
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A bit about me

Now, I’m no Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson, but I have won more than my fair share of leagues and trophies at all levels of junior soccer.
Equally important to me is that all my teams have one thing in common — whatever their standard they play fluid, passing soccer. This is the type of soccer that is fun to play, watch and coach, and which more often than not produces winning results.
I have to contend with the same obstacles as most other coaches. Disruptive kids, questioning parents and the need to give all my players a fair amount of time on the field are all issues I deal with in my newsletters.
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