ATLANTA, GEORGIA—It looks like Atlanta United got a bargain in paying Mexican striker Ronaldo Cisneros as far as performance is concerned. Cisneros is playing very well at only a $244,000.00 salary for 2022 despite his salary being just in the middle of the pack among United’s player salaries.

Despite being one of the new players for United this year, Cisneros has already won two awards from Major League Soccer officials. Cisneros was declared as MLS player of the week and, at the same time, part of the MLS team of the week. Cisneros got the awards for scoring a rare hat-trick in Atlanta United’s 4-1 demolition of the visiting Chicago Fire FC at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on May 7.

In an interview, Cisneros said he hopes to play even longer for Atlanta United once his current contract with the team expires. Cisneros added to the media that he was very excited to come and play in America once he heard that he would play in the MLS.

“Obviously, I want to stay, since the first moment that I was asked if I wanted to come, I said yes. My intention is to stay for a long time. I know that it doesn’t depend on me, but what does depend on me, I am going to do what’s possible to stay longer,” Cisneros said. He also revealed that he is already comfortable playing in MLS. “Yes, the first few games cost me more physically, but I have been feeling better with every passing game. I hope the results continue to come on the field,” Cisneros added.