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The Atlanta FC and Orlando FC match wasn’t a great day in the club’s history. It took Orlando ten tries before they could beat the United, and Stephen Glass was the first coach to lose to the Florida-based team.  It’s crucial to look at what happened and what didn’t work, so it doesn’t happen again. 


It’s quite a case of “beggars can’t be choosers” since most of our best players have been sidelined this season. However, Jurgen Damm has barely played the whole year when he played in this game. New acquisition Cubo Torres alongside Barco did make the team more aggressive when they entered the game. 

At the eighty-second-minute mark, they finally hit the back of the net after allowing two avoidable goals. The midline was incredibly lacking, since the only attacking efforts were long balls to the wings with hopes of something happening.


The goals conceded could have been avoided if not for the errors. The defenders that night were nothing short of disappointing, and it didn’t seem like they were into the match. The lack of marking and the careless jogging back to cover the opposing forwards were seen from Adams and the rest of the backs. 

Skipper Brad Guzan also didn’t look like his usual self out there, with the first goal being solely blamed on the keeper. Butterfingers from a corner kick led to an early conversion for Orlando.

It’s not to say that Pity Martinez hasn’t dominated and won the team’s heart ever since he stepped foot on the club. In all actuality, the Argentinian has been struggling as of late. He didn’t look like his spectacular self against Nashville in Atlanta’s previous outing. Pity was a crucial factor in why the opposing side hit the back of the net at the end. One clumsy and careless error led to veteran Orlando FC Nani scoring that day.

Granted, this isn’t the powerhouse lineup that the team is usually fielding, and the situation isn’t motivating for the players.  However, you still have to show up to play like a professional and play to the best of your ability.  


Franco Escobar was suspended in the previous game for “violent behavior,” but that incredibly irresponsible and distasteful mid-air challenge on Lennon’s head was deserving of a send-off. You could argue that Pity Martinez was also excessively brought down during the counter goal that Orlando had converted.

Final Words

Atlanta needs to put all of that behind and move on to the next match. We hope that whatever experimentation Glass is making will finally lead to a more solid and consistent lineup choice.

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