ATLANTA, GEORGIA—A soccer tournament for a cause will happen in our beloved Atlanta on July 10 at the Silverbacks Park.
The tournament dubbed as Atlanta Nations Cup 2021 is set to be participated by some of the top amateur soccer teams here.
Aside from the trophies and medals that will be given to the winners, the tournament also seeks to help the cause-oriented group Soccer in the Streets.
The money collected in the tournament will help underserved youth in Atlanta.
Soccer in the Streets provides free soccer and leadership programs to over 5,000 kids in the Metro Atlanta area.
Soccer in the Streets also started an online program to help 200 children with creative writing, reading, and drawing assignments.
After they finish, they receive a soccer skills video from their coach. If the kids don’t have access to a laptop, one of the coaches will go over the lessons with them on the phone.
Moreover, Soccer in the Streets has been helping underserved youth in Atlanta for over 30 years.
The tournament will start at 9:30 in the morning and will end at 3 p.m. that same day.
For more details of the tournament and how you can help take time to visit the website of Soccer in Streets at