Dateline – Woodstock September 20, 2011

The last night of summer proved to be the perfect time for a meeting of Cobb County’s business leaders in the Financial, Accounting, Home Service, Wholesale and Marketing sectors.  Ralph’s Tavern on Bells Ferry Rd. hosted the first Random Soccer Business forum.  The Random Soccer Business Forum is a business networking group formed and promoted by Panorama Press, a local marketing company based in Woodstock GA.

Attendees last night discussed the challenges and opportunities being encountered by North Georgia businesses during 2011. Speakers included Manuel Lopez, Mike Kinion, Anthony Alifi, and Las Small. Each speaker took time to address the focus of their company’s in this economic environment and the opportunities that the community of business people found within the Greater Atlanta Soccer Community represent to each of them. It was agreed that beyond the tremendous cross section of expertise this resource represented was the incredible number of opportunities both large and small that can be realized.


Last night’s meeting  of the Random Soccer Business group will be followed by a second meeting this Thursday September 22nd at Ralph’s Tavern from10pm-12 am for business people playing soccer and were unable to attend Tuesday’s event.

Panorama Press and Media First will be conducting a networking event tonight at Ralph’s Tavern on Bells Ferry Rd in next to I-575 from 10pm-11:30pm. ( After Soccer ) We welcome those in the soccer community to introduce themselves and their business interests to the soccer community. The Goal is to bring awareness to members of the soccer community and to help them enrich their professional endeavors. Bring business cards. Call 770-882-5911 for more info…see map below

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