Atlanta, GA – February 16, 2010 – Soccer in the Streets, an organization dedicated to teaching positive life choices through soccer, is focusing its efforts on a new initiative designed to give middle school and high school kids the necessary tools to create a successful future.  This new initiative will empower students to become employable adults by teaching them important lessons while giving them access to necessary resources.

 Soccer in the Streets will offer rewards and incentives for academic achievements and successful employment. Soccer will serve as a conduit to teach students lessons on and off the field. From basic skills such as cooperation and following directions to helping teens build their resume, Soccer in the Streets is striving to create greater opportunities for program participants by helping them find summer jobs and educating them about business and general employment.  By emphasizing the importance of education and success, Soccer in the Streets hopes for a bright future for its participants.

 According to a report by the U.S. Department of Labor, more than half of adults who had worked one to twenty hours per week as sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds were more likely than other adults to have completed at least some college education.

“Our programs are designed to teach kids important skills for the future such as team work, punctuality, respect, determination and hard work,” said Jill Robbins, executive director of Soccer in the Streets. “Our ultimate goal is for kids to leave our program with the confidence to pursue their dreams.”

For more information about Soccer in the Streets or how you can become involved, please visit

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