ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Atlanta United’s head of technical recruitment Lucy Rushton is a source of inspiration to a lot of women since she is giving a new perspective on women empowerment.
Rushton pride herself as one of the select few women involved in the world of recruiting male football players.
While most professional sports teams in the world would pick a male scout tasked with recruiting players, Atlanta United took a different turn and selected Rushton who is now running the club’s entire scouting operation.
In an interview over Sky Sports, Rushton admitted being in a male-dominated arena of player recruitment is not easy but she is happy that she is not only adapting well but also doing a good job at it.
Two of the top players recruited by Rushton are Emerson Hyndman from Bournemouth and Brad Guzan from Middlesbrough.
“There are a few women in scouting and analysis roles scattered throughout the world, but we are few and far between,” Rushton told Sky Sports.
She hoped her position will inspire other women to take the challenge of being a female scout like her in the future.
“I got my opportunity. I did have people who were willing to take a risk, if you will, and put their faith in a woman. I am so grateful to the people who did that; Mick Court at Watford and
Nick Hammond at Reading,” Rushton added.
She is grateful for the opportunity to give to her and she vowed to work even harder for Atlanta United as the head of player recruitment.
“From that moment I can honestly say the managers and players I have worked with have been fantastic in terms of treating me as just another member of staff.
I’ve never felt my opinion is less valued than someone else’s because I’m a woman,” she said.

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