There is no better feeling than playing a pick-up game of the sport you love. Even though soccer can be competitive and can be played at the professional level, playing a pick-up game is an entirely different atmosphere. There is still competition, but the goal is more to have fun and bond with other players. It’s great to see that Atlanta has developed a pick-up soccer culture, with people who are enthusiastic about playing the game.

All around Atlanta, one can find multiple outdoor parks and fields open to the public. Examples are found in Roswell, Smyrna, Brookhaven, and Kennesaw, among many others. It is clear that Atlanta is very much aware of the soccer craze in the city, and it is great to see all of the fields that are accessible – all to create opportunities to play and hang out together. That is what the pick-up soccer culture is all about.

So, how can you join in these pick-up games? 

Simple. Find a Facebook group geared towards pick-up soccer. There are multiple groups that promote pick-up soccer in the Atlanta area. You can find people announcing upcoming pick-up matches and asking for players to join. These groups are very welcoming, and the members are united under the love of the sport. The games are created with the purpose of community and to have fun. If you are interested in participating, all it takes is an online search. You can also look for any contact names and information about the soccer fields in your area. 

It is often said that sports can be therapeutic, and soccer upholds this idea. Pick-up soccer is one of the most light-hearted and fun activities you can enjoy in the city of Atlanta. You will find players from all age groups and from different walks of life.  Especially throughout this pandemic, sports have the power to serve as a symbol of hope and peace in the world. 

Soccer has continued to prove that it unites people despite any political and cultural differences.  In today’s difficult times, the world needs to be connected more than ever. Soccer’s ability to create unity in diversity, inclusivity, not indifference, shows the sport’s true power.

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