hyMO2g7NpOcfkioKpCE42q1mzY2Auq-sLGw6nzVRh1g5v5kOxbMMkfAheBGZkXkSQTwUEamaYPmJvnAVlo61KsGanByxX90BY9_9tB_fkQ=s0-d AYSA IS PLEASED TO PRESENT OUR 3RD ANNUAL ‘CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012’ INDOOR SOCCER SEASONAYSA is pleased to present our 3rd Annual ‘Champions League 2012’ Indoor soccer season. It will take place this Winter, January 8th through February 19th. We think this is a great way to continue fostering our athlete’s ongoing development and motivation process as it is important players be granted the freedom to play.
The program is open to 8-19 year old players and costs $75. The program will be 7 weeks long with games on Fridays and Sundays and includes a t-shirt for all participants.
Specifically, this program benefits players with ambitions of developing their soccer skills. Indoor soccer will improve these skills rather than erode them during the late fall and winter months. The games will be played in a fun, fast paced and competitive environment and will challenge our players fitness, coordination, balance and agility at every step of the way. Make sure to get signed up early as space will be limited. The application will be available under the programs tab hyMO2g7NpOcfkioKpCE42q1mzY2Auq-sLGw6nzVRh1g5v5kOxbMMkfAheBGZkXkSQTwUEamaYPmJvnAVlo61KsGanByxX90BY9_9tB_fkQ=s0-d AYSA IS PLEASED TO PRESENT OUR 3RD ANNUAL ‘CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012’ INDOOR SOCCER SEASONon Monday, October 31.