If you’ve been keeping up with “Captain America” Christian Pulisic, you know that he’s been playing like a superhero in the English Premier League.

In his debut season, Pulisic has shown incredible potential and flashes of greatness. Playing for a huge club like Chelsea, of the English Premier League,can be physically and mentally tough on a young player.   However, Pulisic has proven why Chelsea got their money’s worth signing him.  His performances are proof that he can dominate. 

On January 2, 2019, Pulisic signed with Chelsea for an estimated £58 million, making him the most expensive American player to date. Unfortunately, Chelsea and Pulisic started the season off shaky, with a 4-0 loss to Manchester United and a draw to Leicester City. It took until October for Pulisic to score his first goals for the club. But he did not just score one, he bagged a perfect hat trick against Burnley on the road. From there, the team went on a six-game win streak, and Pulisic went on a scoring tear, scoring in games against Watford and Crystal Palace – all in succession. He also helped Chelsea secure a Champions League Round of 16 spot by scoring a crucial goal against Valencia during the group stage matches.

When the league restarted after the Covid-19 shutdown, Pulisic was ready and determined to get back on the field and help the club. He came out and scored in his first game back to help Chelsea with a 2-1 win over Aston Villa. After that, he scored in games against Crystal Palace,  Manchester City, and Arsenal in the FA Cup Final. More than the goals and the contributions, the energy and sharpness he brought was crucial when Chelsea needed a spark.

According to stats after the restart, Pulisic has had 37 completed take-ons and has topped the acceleration charts (20) during the same period. This is an indicator that Captain America’s biggest strengths are his pace, balance, and agility which helps him dribble past defenders with ease.  But more than that, Pulisic has shown that he can use both feet. In the seven goals he’s made, he has scored four with his left foot. He has also taken 39% of shots with his left foot.

Like any other player, Pulisic has his weaknesses as well. The main one is his durability in the game. Pulisic has suffered multiple injuries in his career that have seen him miss a lot of game time. Just recently, during the FA Cup final, he suffered a hamstring injury that made him miss out on the rest of the Champions League. Other weaknesses in his game are losing possession through sloppy errors and his tendencies to be less aggressive in taking more shots. However, all of these are things he can improve with time.  Despite his weaknesses and injuries, Pulisic has shown great mental strength and the unrelenting drive to win. 

Pulisic has the drive and hunger to become the best. He steps up to challenges and will do whatever it takes to win and help his team succeed.  If he continues to work hard and develop his game, he can take not only Chelsea, but the league by storm.

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