ATLANTA, GEORGIA—A new, emerging ADASL football club is set to make a big splash in the summer league this year – Peachtree FC.
From humble beginnings as a small men’s team in a 5v5 league in Atlanta (Soccer in the Streets), Peachtree FC quickly expanded in-depth and attracted amazing talents.
Today, Peachtree runs a 5v5 co-ed team at their partner organization, Soccer in the Streets, two 7v7 teams at Silverbacks Park, and now – in alignment with their ultimate vision – they’ve made their way into the 11v11 football world in the ADASL.
Peachtree FC is a uniquely diverse team, bringing together players from 17 different countries onto a single, united team and striving to foster a sense of community, diversity, and fun within the club. Off the field, they host BBQs with family and friends, FIFA tournaments, Premier League watch parties, and much more.

                                                                                          Rock the Fanwear

fan-300x450 Club Profile: Peachtree City FC, the New Grassroots Soccer Club Shaking Up Atlanta

Peachtree FC has also seen a major uptick in fans supporting them at several of their pre-season friendlies to get warmed up for the big league debut. Fans have even been rocking their fanwear at the games – and some fans were even spotted rocking their merch at a recent Atlanta United Game. Peachtree FC has a growing collection of designs inspired by the city of Atlanta. Consider supporting their efforts to keep playing the beautiful game by purchasing one of their newest drops – the Peachtree FC Summer Scarf.

Pre-season Preparations

Speaking of friendlies, Peachtree FC would like to shout out the following teams for taking the time to play with them, which greatly helped to prepare for their introduction into the ADASL: Brute Force FC Orange, Brute Force FC Blue, Terminus FC, Club ATLetic, Georgia Revolution U23s, Soccer in the Streets LA Mercy, and Lake Country United U19s.

Where to Watch Them Play

Now that you know all about Peachtree FC how about coming out to a game? Their home field is at the Atlanta International School, where there are plenty of close-up seats for fans to see some quality soccer. And while you’re at it, consider supporting them by purchasing a Peachtree FC Season Pass, which lowers the cost to players and makes the game more accessible to those involved at the club.
Game Schedule: You can find their ADASL summer league game schedule and standings here. And if you want an easy download onto your Google Calendar, save our games with this link!

                                                                                        Attention Local Businesses

logo-300x300 Club Profile: Peachtree City FC, the New Grassroots Soccer Club Shaking Up Atlanta

Are you a local business owner looking to support local soccer? Peachtree FC just launched a Match Day Sponsorship Program. If you’re interested in being a Match Day Sponsor for a team that the Atlanta community has already begun rallying around, you have an opportunity to get involved today. You’ll get exposure for your business and help Peachtree FC continue its mission – all at once. If you’re interested, you can reach out to them at
All of our merchandise can be found at

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