Atlanta Soccer News local predict the score contest, I would like to
invite you to play in this years league.
·         Here the deal: You pick the scores of each Euro game for
each week. You pick the top 5 scorers for that week. You earn points.
·         Time: takes 5 minutes a week.
·         Extras: We will have weekly playing/drinking/discussion
events at fields and strategically located pubs. Mostly in Cobb/Fulton
County. Weekly winners will be honored and will earn a beer.
·       Cost: FREE
·         All you need to do to join your league is:
1. Register at
2. Log in
3. Select ‘Mini Leagues’ from the ‘My Account’ menu
4. Enter the code below

Mini League Name:

Access Code: 110954220

More info:

Sprayberry Soccer Camp Deadline:

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