Nov 29 Fixtures from the English Premier League

Saturday, December 3 (GMT)                                
Newcastle United        v Chelsea              (1245)   
Blackburn Rovers        v Swansea City         (1500)   
Manchester City         v Norwich City         (1500)   
Queens Park Rangers     v West Bromwich Albion (1500)   
Tottenham Hotspur       v Bolton Wanderers     (1500)   
Wigan Athletic          v Arsenal              (1500)   
Aston Villa             v Manchester United    (1730)   

Sunday, December 4 (GMT)                                
Everton                 v Stoke City           (1500)   
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Sunderland           (1600)   

Monday, December 5 (GMT)                                
Fulham                  v Liverpool            (2000)

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