This month, the Development Player League (DPL) held its second annual SUMMIT event in Dallas, where winners for the U13–U19 age divisions were crowned.

The top teams in the DPL compete in a cup-based competition called SUMMIT. More than 260 teams were granted invitations to play for a championship based on conference standings and performance from national events. The SUMMIT included a showcase competition for U13 and U14 teams in addition to the cup competition.

Pinecrest Premier, a Miami-based team, won two division crowns at The SUMMIT. It was an incredible performance. The club’s 05/06 team won the U19 Europa Division, and Pinecrest Premier 2008 won the U16 Champions Division.

In numerous divisions, several other clubs had a team that finished first and a squad that finished second. In the U16 Champions Division in 2008, City SC San Diego’s team triumphed, and in the U17 Champions Division in 2007.

Triangle United, a North Carolina-based club, had a team that won the U14 Champions Division in 2010 and a team that finished second in the U17 Europa Division in 2007.

Tormenta FC Academy in Georgia achieved similar success, placing as finalists in the U13 Europa Division and winning the U15 Champions Division championship.

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