Finding pick-up soccer games is quite difficult during this pandemic.   In the past, organizing pick up games was as simple as calling friends, inviting them, and anyone that they knew, who was interested in playing.

In the digital age where so much information can be accessed, you can now find more opportunities to play.  Gone is the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) since we now have ENDALGO – a soccer-specific platform.  ENDALGO is an all-in-one online platform designed to help you find anything and everything related to soccer.  This platform caters to players, coaches, parents, and anyone that just simply loves the game. 


If finding or making friends nowadays is difficult for you, ENDALGO shows you the most accessible games being played in your area – thanks to the app’s geolocational features. You can head over to the nearest soccer field where people are planning pick-up games or tryouts for their respective teams. 

Are you a soccer fan and want to find a game to watch in your area?  Are you looking for a pub that is televising your favorite team’s match?  If it relates to the world of soccer, you can find it on ENDALGO!

This is a great reference point for all soccer fans in the Atlanta areas, as well as within Georgia.  ENDALGO is the perfect app for one of the biggest soccer cities in the country. For parents who want to find a great environment to introduce their child to soccer (via a mini-camp or academy) or join a youth team, this app can save time and resources. 

However, ENDALGO is not just for players, but also for administrators and aspiring coaches as well.  If you run a small weekend or night league or manage a team, you can conveniently schedule your practice days/times and games on the app for the players and coaches to find.   For team coaches and managers, you can deal with any invoices, fixtures, and recruiting concerns with this application as well.

ENDALGO is readily available for mobile and desktops and on both Apple and Android devices.  Find out more about this amazing soccer app, by visiting their website now.

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