ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Looks like the superb soccer training and performance of American soccer players have already caught the attention of some European soccer clubs.
According to reports, European soccer clubs such as FC Barcelona and Villareal are now competing with Major League Soccer for promising soccer players.
Dan Hunt, the president of FC Dallas said the training of American players in soccer clubs and academies has made them become better soccer players that caught the attention of European soccer scouts.
“The more you see American players shining on television, the more American kids will be eager to start playing,” Hunt said.
“We’ll definitely lose kids over time. It will take some talent out of the talent pool,” Hunt added.
One prominent American playing in Europe right now in the United States men’s soccer team member Sergino Dest.
Dest is playing as a defender for Barcelona.
In an earlier interview, Dest said he was shocked when Argentine striker Lionel Messi decided to leave Barca.
Dest said it feels “weird” without Messi following his move to Paris Saint-Germain.
The American who spent a year playing with Messi last year revealed that playing with his former teammate is a memorable experience for him.
“I was shocked a little bit because everyone wanted him to stay at the club,” Dest said.
“He’s the best player in the world. It was a shock for everyone,” Dest added.
Dest said without Messi the team needs to work harder if they wish to perform well in La Liga this year.
But I think if we play collectively and keep the chemistry high, we can achieve a lot,” he said.

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