Soccer in the Streets Presents Black Tie Soccer Game

Attention soccer fans! Are you waiting for the next event by Soccer in the Streets?


This year, a soccer event will excite you to watch your soccer players on the field. It’s for a cause this time. Soccer in the Streets is introducing this year’s Black Tie Soccer Game. It’s an end-of-year gala but they thought of giving it a twist for this year.

Generous people from all over Atlanta pledge their money for these exceptional soccer players to dress up in formal attire while playing the sport. Sounds exciting, right?

It’s all about raising funds and playing soccer! You’ll get to watch an event and you’ll also be able to raise funds all at the same time!

The Black Tie Soccer Game will be on Sunday, October 29, 2017, at Station Soccer (Five Points MARTA Station). The gates will open at 1:00 PM and the games will start at 1:30 PM and it will be from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

This is an event you’ll surely don’t want to miss. Professional British announcer, thrills, and spills, hard-nosed tackles in sequins, enjoyable music, mouthwatering food, and awards await for the best-dressed soccer players who’ll join the event for a cause.

So what are you waiting for? Tag a friend along or buy your friend a ticket! Go together in watching the said event!

Soccer in the Streets started their cause a long way back, over 25 years ago. They would meet underprivileged kids in urban neighborhoods to introduce soccer to them. They do this for one good reason. They want to change the lives of these deprived kids by influencing them in a positive way.

Because of soccer, they succeeded in influencing over 100,000 youths all over Atlanta to have healthy lifestyles and opting for positive choices in life. And their cause doesn’t end here yet.

For the upcoming 25 years ahead, Soccer in the Streets is aiming to reach out to every needy kid out there and give them the opportunity to be successful on their desired endeavor in life. All this will be possible through character development, mentoring, and employability programs. This means money to fund the programs to support the cause.

If you also believe in the cause that Soccer in the Streets started, then hurry up and grab your tickets now! The money you’ll spend for the tickets will help kids in need!