With both School and Community programming, Soccer in the Streets kicked off its spring season the first week of March. This spring, Soccer in the Streets will be running after school soccer sessions at Atlanta Public Schools (APS), Dekalb County Schools and Marietta City Schools – ranging from grades third through sixth – as well as community programming at nine different locations in metro Atlanta.

“It has been really exciting to experience and watch the growth of our programs over the course of the past two years,” said Lauren Glancy, Director of Programs. “When we had the opportunity to start the APS Positive Choice program in Fall 2016, thanks to the support of the Atlanta United Foundation, about 91% of the youth in the six elementary schools had never played soccer before. Our goal was to connect the school programs to their community program to provide free, hyper-localized soccer that provides opportunities on and off the field.”

As part of the programs, Soccer in the Streets coaches implements the “Positive Choice” curriculum, which provides a comprehensive approach and pairs soccer sessions with life skills. Personal development traits, such as respect, self-discipline, leadership, perseverance, social confidence, and positive identity are core to the Positive Choice curriculum. The goal is that the positive environment fosters higher self-esteem and positive behavior in kids participating in the program.

Along with school programming, Soccer in the Streets will complement its local impact through community-based programs, at the following locations: English Avenue, Vine City, Castleberry Hill, West End, Oakland City, College Park, Agape Community Center, Station Soccer – Five Points, and Clarkston. Community programs follow competition guidelines of the Georgia Soccer Association through Spring and Fall seasons and are tailored to address the specific needs of each community. To accomplish this mission, Soccer in the Streets partners with local organizations to boost numbers and competition.Soccer in the Streets’ philosophy is founded on four values – respect, perseverance, enjoyment, and empowerment – which govern the direction of the organization.

The social impact soccer organization creates a fun and challenging environment where youth can learn and succeed both on and off the soccer field. This opportunity is further enabled through trusting relationships between players and coaches, who serve as mentors.

  • West End Village   
    • Dunbar Elementary School
    • M. Agnes Jones
    • Brown Middle School
  • Oakland City Village
    • Reverend James Orange Recreation Center
    • Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy
    • Sylvan Hills Middle School
  • Northwest Village
    • AGAPE
    • Scott Elementary School
    • Towns Elementary School
    • Westside Atlanta Charter School
    • John Lews Invictus
  • English Avenue Village
    • Bellwood Boys and Girls Club
    • KIPP WAYS Academy
  • Vine City Village
    • Vine City Park
    • Magnolia Park
    • Hollis Innovation Academy
  • Castleberry Hill Village
    • John Hope Recreation Center
  • Clarkston Village
    • Clarkston Community Center
    • Dekalb County Schools
    • McLendon Elementary
    • Jolly Elementary
    • Indian Creek Elementary
  • Tri-Cities Village
    • College Park
    • East Point
    • Hapeville
    • Partnering with other contiguous communities, such as Forest Park, Riverdale and Union City