ATLANTA, GEORGIA—After successfully defending their crown for three straight years in the tough U.S. Adult Soccer Association (USASA) 2021 National Cup Region 3 Championships at the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex, Murfreesboro, Tennessee on June 11-13.
The FFC Georgia is now focused on achieving a rare three-peat in the USASA Women’s national finals in Michigan in August.
Defending their USASA national for three straight years might be hard but FFC Georgia is very determined to pull the feat this year.
Earlier, FFC Georgia won the regional crown after beating Charlotte GGA 4-0 in the finals.
The USASA Region III is made up of 12 member state associations from across the Southeast region of the U.S. Regional champions competed for the USASA National Champion Cup in their respective divisions.
FFC Georgia has won the USASA regional crowns from 2018 to 2021.
USASA on the other hand is a national organization for amateur soccer in the United States.
It consists of 55 state organizations as well as national, regional, and state leagues.
The National Premier Soccer League, USL League Two, and United Premier Soccer League are USASA national affiliates designed to promote a higher level of competition than the state organizations. USASA also affiliates the Women’s Premier Soccer League, one of the unrecognized second division leagues below the fully professional NWSL.
USASA has over 250,000 adult members within its leagues and teams.