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Seeing the team display that Stephen Glass has put together for Atlanta United FC brought some answers to why the team had underperformed.  The club right now seems like they’ve regained their mojo, with the midline being more aggressive and the wings displaying better conversions with possessions and opening up more goal-scoring opportunities. This was different from that horrendous MLS is Back outing, where the United did not look like themselves.

A big reason why is Frank de Boer (or a lack of him, that is). Seeing Alejandro Moreno’s rant on ESPN unveiled a lot of painful truths that we might be hesitant to admit.

Those who fancied de Boer running the team or were indifferent to him, can justify his stint with the club. This is because the Atlanta United achieved feats, such as the U.S. Open Cup, Campeones Cup, competing in the Champions League, and placing second in the Eastern Conference last season.

The team was always viewed as contenders in the past years. They are one of the best clubs in the league. That was where Frank de Boer fell short. Maybe the front office, with the likes of Darren Eales, being impressed by how he developed the players at his old club Ajax was the main reason. However, it could be argued that the team was poised and no longer needed to be rebuilt. They had a solid core group of players ready to defend their championship and almost made it.  After all, the club was just a Martinez penalty kick away from playing the MLS Cup once again.

Looking forward, it seems like Moreno could be right – de Boer may have a better outcome with another team, most probably with an expansion team. At any rate, the team has parted ways and what occurred is now history. Atlanta has been showing better production with him gone, and somebody else is finally taking the club in a better direction.

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