To Georgia Soccer Coaches and Parents,

Want to know how to improve your team’s scoring?
Want to get many new ideas on how to run your team practices?
Want a manual full of practice plans that are appropriate for your team?
Want more tips on how to communicate effectively with your players?

Learn about coaching by attending one of our coaching courses this winter!

Georgia Soccer conducts many courses for all levels of play, from U-4 recreational to U-19 Elite players and everything in between. It is also mandatory to have a coaching license to coach youth soccer in Georgia. Courses are offered throughout the state during the months of January and February. Your club might be hosting some of them.
As a service to Georgia Soccer memebers, the G, F, and Recreational E courses are FREE to all Georgia Soccer members. It has never been a better time to get your youth soccer coaching career started!

Please go to our web site at and click on ‘COACHES’ to learn about the coaching school and click on the complete course schedule link and register online.