In their continuing efforts to include and provide information to the total Georgia soccer community on all aspects of soccer, including college soccer, Georgia Soccer has linked all the college soccer schedules in their web site –

These college schedules can now be found at, under the ‘STATE INFO’ by clicking on the ‘COLLEGE SOCCER LISTINGS’ drop-down menu item.

As they progress into more website enhancement, Georgia Soccer will continue to add more info and interactivity to their site.

In addition, Georgia Soccer plans to add the following, based on recent feedback they received from college soccer coaches throughout the state:

1. College soccer article of the month – short articles about the college recruiting process, what college coaches look for, what the life/schedule of a college soccer player is like, and more information that would be helpful to young players preparing for college.

2. National ‘D’ coaching courses exclusively for current college players at a few Georgia area college campuses exclusively for college soccer players. These courses will be instructed by Jacob Daniel, the State DOC (Director of Coaching), and will be offered for the student athletes at an incredible discount of $25 per player. These courses normally run $125 for members of GA Soccer and $500 for non-members of GA Soccer.

3. Regional Coaching Symposiums. Georgia Soccer is planning 3-4 regional coaching symposiums for our youth coaches to be held at area Georgia college facilities. These symposiums will offer coaching topics not covered by the standard coaching courses. Plans are for these to be one-day events on Sundays starting in spring/summer of 2010. College team players may be used for the clinics or also youth players from the local clubs or a combination of both. Selected sites will provide the ideal geographic coverage of the state.

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