After Georgia State’s men’s soccer team beat the University of Alabama on October 3, 2017, with 4 goals, the team is now on a winning streak. With the team’s winning streak and no losses in conference play, they have a better chance in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament.

In a non-conference matchup, the men’s soccer team also won over the University of North Carolina at Asheville 3-1. Forward Kwaku Abu-Boahene and defender Alex Summerfield scored their first goals, while midfielder, Hannes Burmeister tapped a crossed ball from Salomon Lorenzano, which resulted in a game-winning goal.

The Panthers also played against Appalachian State which resulted in a double-overtime draw. Although Georgia State scored five shots in extra time, the result was a draw and was the first of the season.

The Panthers’ first loss in 24 days was against Charlotte 3-4 during their last non-conference game of the year. The previous season, Charlotte won their Conference regular-season championship and was invited to the NCAA tournament.

The 2017 Georgia State men’s soccer team was expected to do very well. However, Georgia State was only able to score 13 goals in their first 10 games this year. They did manage to catch up by reaching the same number of goals in just 4 matches.

Once Georgia State began the conference play, Hannes Burmeister showed off his skills by scoring in the first three games. Burmeister further proves that he’s worthy of his title: 2016 Sun Belt Offensive Player of the Year for scoring a total of 6 goals this season.

Burmeister has to score 5 more goals to reach his 11-goal record from last season, in which he was ranked 19th nationally. On the other hand, Rashid Alarape slowed down after scoring 6 goals during the first half of the season, but he’s still in the lead among Panthers with 8 goals and 16 points. Alarape is the veteran midfielder and senior forward of the team.

Georgia State will be a top seed heading into the conference tournament if they don’t lose their last two games. Whether they earn the first seed or even lose in their first tournament game, the NCAA could still invite them to the tournament.

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