TheAmericans in Europe had a nice post-Thanksgiving weekend.

Timmy Chandler scored the only goal in his team’s win over Kaiserslautern. Fabian Johnson’s corner set upHoffenheim’s only goal in a 1-1 draw with Freiburg. Jozy Altidore and AZ kept rolling right along with a 2-0 win over Utrecht. And Clint Dempsey’ Fulham took a point off Arsenal.

Of course, Michael Bradley and Chievo didn’t do so well, getting rolled up by Milan 4-0, and Rangers took a loss without Carlos Bocanegra, the club’s first of the season. But all in all the top players had a nice week.

That won’t do anything to change the rankings around much though. No player other than Chandler really did anything to impress, and there’s no need to reshape the top five.

1. Clint Dempsey
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Age: 28

Club: Fulham

Position: Midfielder

Last Week: 1

 Dempsey had a nice outing against Arsenal, but the struggle to find goals continues for Fulham. Martin Jol has Dempsey playing wider to allow Moussa Dembele more freedom in the hole behind the striker, and the tactical switch hasn’t paid off yet. The upshot is that Bryan Ruiz is starting to find his footing, and the attack has the potential and the talent to be potent in the near future.

2. Tim Howard


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Age: 32

Club: Everton

Position: Goalkeeper

Last Week: 2

Howard has been very good for Everton lately and the club grabbed another win over the weekend, taking down Bolton 2-0. Everton is starting to put together a really nice run of form, and Howard continues to be a large part of the club’s success.

3. Landon Donovan
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Age: 29

Club: LA Galaxy

Position: Midfielder

Last Week: 3

Donovan sticks in third and will have a nice break before playing any meaningful matches. 

4. Jozy Altidore
Age: 22

Club: AZ

Position: Forward

Last Week: 3

Altidore continues to play well and had a couple of chances in his 80 minutes of work over the weekend.

5. Carlos Bocanegra
LOQQYuPOvqlEvi7xKPRMzNs8NtB4AculXpRfoiPFEfme6zKl1NT0_4IKhUAR6d6j9qCtgx9hMT_4ohvmREjvKBNhkLb7LcMgyLn4ae-X2kw-SjiQHH-l2S-LKyJT349SHAMswGj8NeSLG1zysv8clD7lV5PnBWM2381u2kI_JiZ88e6J3Nnn6u2AuGXFTtwFiUE5djNrciJVrPoxFso7N9sBnj0mYBrzhSLdBTvSXhsdHb-s7qgAZxtHGQ=s0-d GOALS AMERICANS PLAYING ABROAD REPORT FOR LAST WEEK: MICHAEL BRADLEY AT CHIEVO
Age: 32

Club: Rangers

Position: Defender

Last Week: 4

Bocanegra not being in the lineup coinciding with Rangers losing might be an indication of how important he is for the team.

Honorable Mention
Timmy Chandler, Nurnberg, continues to impress more as an attacking force than as a defensive stalwart, but at least for the USA his finish showed that he’s not scared of that left foot.

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