ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Mexico vs. Trinidad y Tobago 2013 (en vivo live score results below) heads to Georgia this weekend. Since Monday, Mexico Copa Oro 2013 soccer fans have been asking “cuando juega Mexico vs. Trinidad y Tobago”. Others have been asking “a que hora juega Mexico”. CONCACAF Gold Cup officials tell news tonight that the Mexico Copa Oro game is being played Saturday July 20, 2013 with a start time of noon PST, or 3 PM EST.

Mexico vs. Trinidad y Tobago 2013 will be the first of two games being played Saturday. Panama vs. Cuba will play three hours later, also at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. But there is a twist to these quarterfinals. If Mexico wins Saturday, it could possibly face Panama in the semifinals. Cuba is not expected to be a strong competitor to Panama, having narrowly advanced to the quarterfinals. So could there be a Mexico vs. Panama semifinals?

If Mexico and Panama both win their quarterfinals game, fans will get a Mexico vs. Panama 2013 Copa Oro semifinals game on July 24 en vivo from Cowboys Stadium. This would be the second time that Mexico and Panama have met in this Copa. Both teams met in their opening match of this Copa, a game that Panama won 1-2.

But can Mexico beat Trinidad? The key as LALATE has been reporting all week is Fabian. Marco Fabian has scored in every game for Mexico in this Gold Cup. But his teammates cannot rely on him only to score. He has scored in the first half of games, second half of games, and even on penalty kicks. But for Mexico to win this Mexico vs. Trinidad y Tobago game, they need to have more players support Fabian in his offense.