ATLANTA — Vince Dooley’s name lastly is getting placed on a field — far away from Georgia’s Sanford Stadium.

The 82-year-old Dooley, who won 201 games and the 1980 national championship at Georgia, will be in Honduras on March 19 for the dedication of Vince Dooley Field. The soccer facility is located at an elementary and middle college in the Agalta Valley there.

It will be Dooley’s third trip to Honduras, where he has supported efforts to give youth an alternative to gang and drug violence. Dooley assisted in planning the landscaping, including 160 hedges about the field.

A scoreboard donated by Coca-Cola bears Dooley’s name. FIFA offered soccer objectives. Honduras president Juan Orlando Hernandez will attend the dedication.

Some Georgia fans have named for Dooley’s name to be on Sanford Stadium.