Staff Writer-Atlanta Business Chronicle To capitalize on World Cup mania, an Atlanta-based mobile startup has launched an app that can measure and fine-tune the air pressure in a soccer ball.
Egos Ventures, the developers behind photography app Cycloramic, has launched BallTune.

Soccer enthusiasts know that having a ball with the perfect pressure can make a large difference during matches.

BallTune indicates the level of inflation of each ball and enables players to tune it accordingly to their game, providing information on how the amount of air will affect their performance. With this app, players will be able to personalize the ball’s pressure depending on their play style or field condition, according to a statement.

BallTune uses the bouncing characteristics of a soccer ball to compute its pressure (PSI and BAR), without the need for a gauge. Drop the ball, with the phone in your other hand, and the app will record sound and video from the ball’s bounce. BallTune analyzes sound, video, and frequency of the bounce to determine the air pressure of the ball.

The app features 5 pressure zones: over-inflated, power, accuracy, control and under-inflated.

With a ball inflated to the “power” level, maximum velocity to the ball can be achieved. A ball inflated to the “accuracy” level will work best for putting bends or spins on kicks. The “control” range will work best for precise passing on smaller fields and harder surfaces. An under-inflated ball will be ideal for heading practice and play in very confined areas, while an over-inflated ball is much harder to control and can cause head injuries.

Future versions of BallTune will be able to measure pressure in basketballs, volleyballs, and tennis balls.

BallTune is available on iOS and Android for $0.99

Urvaksh Karkaria covers Technology.