Soccer is a great first sport for young children. Here are ten reasons why your child should play soccer.
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Any child can start playing soccer right away.
10. Easy to start
Soccer is an easy game to start playing. Any child can start playing right away. All you need are cleats, shin guards and a ball. If you can run, you can start playing soccer.
9. Leagues for All
Young soccer players can get their start in recreation leagues. These leagues introduce children to soccer. Some leagues enroll children as young as five years old. When your child is ready for more competitive games, enroll them in travel soccer.
8. Enjoy the Outdoors
Soccer lets you enjoy the outdoors. Games and practices force children to go outside and run around. At the very least, it gives them an alternative to television shows and video games.
7. Team Sport
Team sports are great for children because they provide group interaction. Children learn how to work together toward a common goal. They learn about camaraderie and teamwork. This is an important life lesson.
6. Lasting Friendships
Children form lasting friendships with their soccer teammates. They learn to support each other on and off the field. No matter where they go, they always have their teammates to rely on.
5. Start Early, Improve Fast
To improve at soccer, you need to get lots of touches on the ball. A player can touch a soccer ball hundreds of times in one practice. Starting at a young age will increases those touches and accelerate improvement.
4. Fitness and Exercise
Soccer is great for fitness. Players continuously jog, run and sprint throughout a game.
3. Develop Athleticism and Coordination
Soccer lets young players develop athleticism and coordination. These skills will benefit them later, even if they switch sports.
2. Plant the Seed
Starting early with soccer can build a love for the game. Love and passion for soccer can also accelerate improvement.
1. You and Your Child
Soccer can be a lifelong activity between you and your child. As a coach, you can spend a lot of time with them. As a parent, you can be there to support them at practices and games. Even just kicking the ball around in the backyard will bring you and your child together.
These are ten reasons why your child should play soccer. Soccer is a fun game that every child should try.
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