Soccer is a very versatile sport.  There are different variations depending on the environment, number of players, etc.  The various styles of play include street soccer, indoor soccer, beach soccer, regular-style soccer, and others. One soccer type that is gaining in popularity is futsal. 

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided soccer game that is played across the world and is officially recognized by both FIFA and UEFA. It is played indoors on a hard court between two teams of five players each, including the goalkeeper. Futsal uses a smaller ball and has unlimited player substitutions.


There are many indoor sports recreation areas in the United States. Americans will find it easier to play futsal than soccer because of the smaller space requirement.  Futsal only needs a small, indoor court with a hard surface. In areas of the U.S where the winters are brutal, futsal is the answer for those who are passionate about soccer.  It can also be an introduction for those who have never played, but want indoor activity during the winter.


This is one of the most significant advantages of futsal if you’re a soccer player. By playing the sport on a different surface, you will learn to control the ball better.  It develops your ball control, ball passing, and dribbling skills. Another factor that will aid in improvement of dribbling skills is the much smaller playing area compared to outdoor soccer fields. After playing futsal, you will see the difference when you play on a regulation field.


Futsal players are closer to each other because of the small playing area.  In a typical scenario where a player has the ball, he learns to make a much quicker decision about what to do.  The density of the playing area also encourages a more team approach.  It is common to see sharp and short passing to get a goal-scoring opportunity.  That translates to the outdoor and normal soccer game. Although possible, it’s unusual and difficult for a player to make a one-man goal run in futsal. 


Futsal is played in the Atlanta area. There are indoor soccer pickup games at the Suwanee Silverbacks indoor field, Elite Indoor at 1365 Pritchett, and other areas. 

Head over to Atlanta Futsal (Facebook page), Elite Indoor Futsal, and the Atlanta Pick-up Soccer Facebook group  to learn more about futsal and possibly play a game.

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