After a disappointing performance in the restart tournament, Atlanta United bounced back with a convincing victory against Nashville. Brooks Lennon played a terrific game under a new role that fans have yet to see him play. The 23-year old athlete started as a wide midfielder or a right-winger that allowed him to go forward and attack. Under De Boer, he was used more as a fullback or a wing-back. But now under Stephen Glass, it seems like he is being reinvented, being reborn. 

More Involved in the Attack

As mentioned, Lennon began as a right midfielder, giving him the license to join the attack and find himself in more attacking positions. With Franco Escobar behind him as the right full-back, Lennon was allowed to go forward and help in the attack. He registered one shot and completed 84% of his passes, but he was a constant threat going down the right side. Being able to play as a winger brought out the incredible physical prowess that Lennon possesses. He has the pace that the Atlanta United has been lacking, and this alone is enough to offer a more dangerous attack.

Familiar Territories

Despite being a defender or a full-back for most of his professional career, Lennon’s first and most comfortable position is being a winger. In fact, Lennon said it himself in the post-match interview that he felt incredibly comfortable in the role he was put under.

Close Mentorship from Glass

For much of his career, Stephen Glass was known as a winger for Newcastle and Aberdeen. Combined with Lennon’s familiarity playing the same position, this mentorship will prove vital for Lennon’s progression.  Lennon and Glasswork closely in training to discuss where Lennon should position himself in certain situations and the runs he has to make in the final third. This advice and wisdom from a fellow and experienced winger are crucial for Lennon’s development. It’s great to see this dynamic between coach and player. Glass will make sure to push Lennon to work harder as he knows the 23-year old athlete is an integral piece to the Five Stripes’ success. 

With the Five Stripes’ recent failures, it looks like this tactical change can become an effective way of transforming the club. It seems that Lennon is being positioned with a more crucial role. It’s exciting to see if he will be utilized in this new way under Stephen Glass and if this will propel his team to success. 

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