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We’re looking for one passionate soccer fan to feature on the opening pages of the official Bid Book we submit to FIFA. All you have to do is write to FIFA telling why the Game is in you — and your country. Then, when the FIFA Executive Members open up our book, one of the first things they’ll see could be your words and your picture!*

Click here for a chance to get in the running for this incredible honor and submit your letter now:


We’re doing this because fans like you form the foundation of soccer in this country.

When FIFA thinks about soccer in the U.S., we want them to think of people like Staci from Pennsylvania, who told us a few days ago why the Game is in her:

“In 1990, as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon, Africa, I had my first taste of World Cup fever. In my small village every man, woman and child crammed into what ever room had a TV. I will never forget the sound of the cheers when Cameroon beat the mighty Argentina! That sealed my fate as a soccer fan.”

When the World Cup came to the states in 1994, I signed up to volunteer. I fell in love with another volunteer and we married 3 years later. Our first night as a married couple was spent cheering on the MetroStars. Now we have two young sons who play soccer and are looking forward to our own MLS team in Philadelphia. I think it would be awesome to volunteer as a family, 24 years after it all started at the World Cup motor pool in DC.

Or there’s Marc from Texas, an Army soldier who told this story about an operation his unit conducted at a Baghdadsoccer park during Operation Iraqi Freedom:

“After about an hour of searching through living areas and accounting for everyone in the area, I found myself waiting to wrap things up. An Iraqi kid, maybe 10 years old, was holding a Soccer ball in the area we made everyone go to. I motioned for him to toss me the ball (my Arabic isn’t very good), and he immediately understood that I wanted to see his Soccer ball. He tossed it and (while wearing about 75 pounds of Army gear), I “caught” the ball with a thigh and immediately juggled the ball 10-12 times before the weight of my gear, or lack of skill:)…let the ball fall to the ground. The eyes of almost every person there lit up…I guess they didn’t expect an American Army Soldier to be able to juggle a ball! We passed the ball around and I made friends that day…although I will probably never see them again, we were bonded by the beautiful game. We couldn’t communicate with words…but the game was all we needed to see each other as equals…as players, as friends.”

As you can see, the power of soccer is very real — and the Game really is in all of us. Join Staci and Marc — write your letter today, and get your chance to be featured in the official USA Bid Book to FIFA:


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