With the international break upon us, we take a deep breath and reflect on our decisions and their ramifications. This last the first team to be knocked off the leader position. Johnny Canuck aka Paul Kelly, manager of CASL’s Express Locomotive, was toppled by Marietta Liverpool aka Franklin Young. After having the lead since the beginning of the season, Johnny Canuck stumbled.


Many in the league have attributed his success on luck. Young replied, “Well if I am lucky then when the skill kicks in its all over but da crying.” When asked about Johnny Canuck’s early lead, Young replied, “Just like taking candy from a baby…you can quote me on that…and to the rest of the league all I got to say is ‘Quit or go find another league cause this one is locked down.’ ”

When Johnny Canuck was asked about losing the lead, he replied, “It’s a long season.” Poor Johnny Canuck fell to third place.

To manys surprise we have a newcomer called Roswell Red Devils aka Phil Teeling. This mystery person, who many have seen around soccer parks, snuck up out of nowhere. Atlanta Soccer News reporters are actively checking with their sources about who Roswell Red Devils is. There is a call out to the soccer community to contact SubmitNews@atlantasoccernews.com with any information about Phil Teeling. Similar to British media, Atlanta Soccer News offers “rewards” for information. Roswell Red Devils has been having steady success over the early part of the season and jumped 2 places from number 4.

The former second place holder was LFC aka Ian Wheeler, owner of soccer school , The Soccer Pitchplummeted to 9th place. His students will be heart broken if their mentor drops any further. “Even King Kenny can drop a point” replied Wheeler. “Sound fundamentals and a creative strategy will find us at the top when its all said and done”

The biggest one week jump did not come from any of the favorites. It came from last year’s champion QPR aka Quique Lopez with a jump from 14th place to 5th place. Criticized by many for “negative” tactics, few gave him any chance of a three-peat. All of a sudden, the champ is back in contention. Many have begun to compare the champ’s slow starts to Manchester United’s slow starts in previous years.

An interesting foot note that has flown under the radar is the 8th place holder Chelsea FC aka Sebastian Lopez. Sebastian Lopez is actually a 9 year old competitor that has put many of his elders to shame. With his relative inexperience, he has bested many veterans including Mike Kinion, Rich Groeneveld and Edwin Hoenderos. Many are now calling for the veterans to step aside and retire.

With the international break coming too soon for some and not soon enough for others, many teams are choosing this time to evaluate and reflect on their performance. If you are still on the sidelines and think that it is too late to join; there is time.

Here the deal: You pick the scores of each EPL game for each week. You pick the top 5 scorers for that week. You earn points.

  • Time: takes 5 minutes a week. ( It takes me less time because I am a soccer sage and a top prognosticator)
  • Extras: We will have weekly playing/drinking/discussion events at fields and strategically located pubs. Mostly in Cobb/Fulton County. Weekly winners will be honored and will earn a beer.
  • Cost: FREE
  • All you need to do to join your league is:
  1. Register athttp://predictthescore.net/t
  2. Log in
  3. Select ‘Mini Leagues’ from the ‘My Account’ menu
  4. Enter the code below

Mini League Name:

Access Code: 110954220

Atlanta Soccer News

Winner will be honored at an all-expenses paid party dedicated to his triumph…a trophy and a cool shirt. Best of all you will be recognized as the supreme soccer sage in Atlanta for that year.

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