ATLANTA, GEORGIA—The president of FC Barcelona revealed they miss the chance to re-sign their former player Neymar during the summer.
Joan Laporta said Neymar signified an intention to join his former team.
However, Laporta admitted that he was not able to give him a contract since he had a different understanding of the LaLiga fair play rules which led to a transfer window of cutbacks at the club.
Neymar ended up signing a new deal Paris Saint-Germain since his former team did not offer him a contract.
“We tried to sign Neymar,” Laporta said.
“We interpreted fair play in another way at the time. If we had known all the rules [in LaLiga], we would not have made that offer,” Laporta added.
The summer has not been good for Barca since the team loses superstar Argentine striker Lionel Messi.
Messi has decided to leave Barca after his long-time team could not accommodate his new contract due to economic problems.
After his Barca departure, Messi signed a two-year deal to play with PSG alongside Neymar.
In signing his PSG contract, Messi is expected to earn between €30-35 million ($35-41m) net a year.


By bob

A veteran soccer journalist who is an avid fan of Atlanta United and Lionel Messi.