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Thirteen players have been chosen by head coach Marcia Tafarel of the U.S. Women’s Futsal National Team to participate in the team’s third and last invitation-only Identification Training Camp, which will be held from May 16–19 at COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek, California. In keeping with U.S.

Tafarel has invited 13 Select ID players and 10 Invitation ID players to participate in the last stage of the talent identification process prior to the first full Women’s Futsal National Team training camp this July in Atlanta. Soccer is the strategic pillar that aims to develop winning teams, and Tafarel is committed to helping the team reach its goal of playing its first matches in 2024.

“Just over a year after beginning the talent identification process for the U.S. Women’s Futsal National Team, I’m thrilled to finish right where we started last March at COPA Soccer Training Center,” said Tafarel.

The Federation’s plan to promote, facilitate, and honor the game in all of its manifestations includes U.S. Soccer declared at its 2022 Annual General Meeting that it would establish the Futsal WNT. FIFA announced in December 2022 that it had given the go-ahead for the FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup to be added to its schedule of international tournaments. The first tournament is scheduled for 2025. Since 2019, UEFA has organized a European Women’s Futsal Championship.

GOALKEEPERS (2): Gabby Batmani (San Jose, Calif.), Ellie Goodrich (Alexandria, Va.)

FIXOS (4): Jackie Altschuld (Los Angeles, Calif.), Jordan Felton (Waldorf, Md.), Emmanuelly Ferreira (Boston, Mass.), Jess Johnson (Howell, N.J.)

ALAS (5): Madeline Nolf (Omaha, Neb.), Taylor Racioppi (Venice, Calif.), Bella Sember (Staten Island, N.Y.), Jilly Shimkin (Rockville Center, N.Y.), Jessica Torres (Ashburn, Va.)

PIVOS (2): Ashley Nick (Arcadia, Calif.), Jeanine Nünez (Staten Island, N.Y.)

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