Dr. Morisco: Soccer Fanatic and Music Teacher

Morisco-530x640 Local Spotlight: Dr. Morisco: Soccer Fanatic and Music Teacher

Dr. Jerid Morisco, who teaches both guitar and choral classes, has several work-related passions and these include music and choral instructions. But outside of the classroom, this versatile renaissance man has a passion that borders on obsession: the sport of soccer. Fortunately for him, he will soon be able to combine his curricular and extracurricular passions in his brand new role as the coach of the varsity girls soccer team.

He is both a choir director and a guitar teacher for North Atlanta, and continues to use his passion of music to educate the students. The 2017-2018 school year will be his second year teaching at North Atlanta.

Outside of teaching, Morisco has a hobby of soccer. He is a proud fan of the home team Atlanta United, which had just wrapped up their inaugural season finishing fourth overall in the MLS standings, falling short in the fifth round of the MLS cup playoff.  “I enjoy going to see the games,” he said. “The team is so fun to watch and I know they will only grow from here with their success already. I am a fan for life.”

This year, Morisco is taking over the coaching position for girls varsity soccer at North Atlanta. He will be replacing former coach Robert Bramlett, the longtime coach who now is teaching and at Clarke Central High SChool. Morisco said he hopes to build on the foundation that his predecessor established. The team in recent years has made it to the state playoff semi-finals. “It’s my aim to be able to lead the program in a successful direction,” said Morisco. “It’s definitely a new experience for me and I will make the most of it.”

Last year season the girls program had what might be termed a setback year.

The varsity squad went 6-8 overall on the year, including 2-6 on region play. He hopes that his insight on the game will be able to help the team succeed in the upcoming 2018 season. Morisco will be working along with Tara Minnax, the varsity girls community coach

“He seems like a good guy, I’m excited to see what he brings to the team.” said junior Ellie Hankin, who has been a dominant role on the pitch for North Atlanta since freshman year. “I’m definitely looking forward to the new season.”

Morisco is responsible for creating beautiful music with North Atlanta choirs. Now he said he’s looking forward to promoting “the beautiful game” at the school and fostering some beautiful play on the soccer pitch.