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ATLANTA, GEORGIA—According to data provided by the Major League Soccer Players Association on Monday, Atlanta United’s guaranteed payment to players jumped to $22,431,357 in September from $20,992,272 in April. With a guaranteed salary of $4,480,333 for the season’s end in September, Luiz Araujo—who finished with four goals and six assists—became the team’s highest-paid player.

The league’s tenth-most-paid player is him. When the salary database was made public in May for the time frame ending in April, Josef Martinez, who scored nine goals and four assists, was the team’s highest-paid player. The new database estimates that he makes $4,141,667 annually. He is the league’s 12th highest-paid athlete. At $14 million, Lorenzo Insigne of Toronto is the league’s highest-paid athlete.

With a salary of $2,332,000, Thiago Almada, who had six goals and 12 assists, is paid third-highest. With River Plate on loan, Ezequiel Barco receives a $2.2 million guaranteed salary. The MLSPA’s data represents salaries owing but does not specify what proportion is covered by Atlanta United and what proportion by River Plate. Neither party has made those percentages public. The loan from Barco is for two years. Erik Lopez, working on a loan for Banfield in Argentina, is paid a guaranteed $528,300 per year.

The average guaranteed salary for the group is $606,252.89. Vice President Carlos Bocanegra expressed satisfaction with the team’s 2023 salary cap scenario. He will meet with the players and their representatives this week to discuss their contracts and possibilities for the upcoming season. A few players’ circumstances are known. A team option is included in the contracts of Juanjo Purata, Raul Gudino, and Brooks Lennon. Mikey Ambrose and Amar Sejdic are no longer under contract.

The pay data is made available by the MLSPA twice a year. The average guaranteed annual salary applies to players under contract through September 2. It consists of the base pay for a player and any signing and guaranteed bonuses, which are annualized throughout the player’s contract, including option years.

For instance, a player with a $100,000 signing bonus and a $500,000 base salary have an average annual guaranteed salary of $525,000 (base salary plus signing bonus ($100,000), divided by the number of years covered by the contract). This player’s contract has an initial term of two years with two one-year options (four).

Any marketing bonuses and agency fees are also included in the annual guaranteed salary number, which is annualized over the contract. Performance bonuses are not included in the number because there is no assurance that the player will be eligible for them. The remuneration from each player’s MLS contract is included in these sums. They exclude any compensation from any agreements with specific teams or their players.